I’m not saying I’d like one of these heads hanging outside our house; but then I’m not not saying I wouldn’t (hi Val!)…

Manteca restaurant

First though, I need to point you to an article about the “piglet squid” (Helicocranchia pfefferi) which grows to about 8 or 10 cm long. It’s found throughout the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, ranging from tropical to polar waters. It can live at depths of just 1 metre to more than a kilometre below the surface; an unusually wide range for such an apparently delicate creature…

Piglet squid

©Nature Picture Library

Another piglet squid

©Australian Geographics

“And after that message from our sponsors, we return you to your main programming…”.

At some point, we need to eat at Manteca

Manteca pig nose dish

©Hot Dinners

Manteca pasta dish

©Manteca Restaurant, London



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